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the back story

We are a small company in Naperville, Illinois who had a little idea to reinvent the way kids eat lunch—making lunchtime easier, more inspiring and fun for both kids and parents. From the beginning, we decided to be as transparent as possible about our decisions as a company: how we produce, ship and get product to market. Below, you’ll find information about our materials, suppliers, vendors and craftsmen whose unrelenting energy has made Goodbyn possible.

Conceived in Seattle and Chicago
As we concepted Goodbyn and researched kids’ eating habits, we wanted a team of people who meshed with our beliefs, but had the unique background of research-driven, modern product design. We thought we’d be searching for a while, but (almost immediately) we were able to form a team with the expertise and design aesthetic that enables Goodbyn to look as cool as it does while making lunchtime for kids smarter than ever.

Made on Earth!
Goodbyn started out as an American brand, made in USA. During our four years of being in business we have become an international brand, sold in over 25 countries. Our goal has always been to solve the problem of trash created by one-time-use packaging and to offer our products at the most affordable price, to as many as possible. We believe we have succeeded on the first account but that our pricing has always excluded a lot more people than we would like. Our mission is still the same - where we make our products has changed. In order to survive as a business, expand our line and make our products more affordable, we made the decision to manufacture overseas. We work with well established factorys that maintain high-safety standards and are working towards sustainable practices. We import only forecasted amounts that will sell domestically - we ship on demand amounts directly to our distributors in other countries - thereby actually lessening the carbon footprint and costs that our exporting created.

If you have specific questions or opinions about our manufacturing choices, or suggestions on how we could be doing it better, in America, we look forward to hearing from you. You can reach Goodbyn anytime by email or phone:

Customer Service Email:
Telephone: 630 995 3090 (M-F, 9-5 CST)